Payroll Tax Service

Payroll Tax Deposit and Filing Services

State and federal laws have made the payroll tax function a time consuming nightmare for business owners. Payroll taxes often involve detailed rules that require careful attention to avoid fines and penalties. LCAF payroll offers complete tax processing services including state and federal tax obligations, and filing services. Our three levels of tax filing services include:

Tax Management and Processing:

  • Electronic Payment Processing of all Tax Liabilities
  • Preparation of all Quarterly and Annual Payroll Reports
  • LCAF is Responsible for the Timely Filing of all Payroll Tax Payments and Returns

Signature Ready Tax Services:

  • Signature Ready Tax Checks are Produced Each Payroll Period and Mailed to Client
  • Signature Ready Tax Service Offers Clients the Flexibility to Manage Their Own Tax Deposits
  • Payroll Tax Returns are Mailed to Client for Their Final Signature

Client Managed Taxes:

  • Tax Liability Reports are Created for Clients Each Payroll Period
  • The Client is Responsible for Creating their own Liability Checks and Mailing to the Proper Authority
  • Payroll Tax Returns are Created and Processed by the Client