Get Your Payroll Done Right the First Time with LCAF Payroll Services

At LCAF Payroll Services, we understand that unpaid employees are also unhappy employees, and unhappy employees hurt the bottom line. Paying your workers on time and in the correct amount is perhaps the simplest and most important way to keep up morale and productivity. And yet, this simple step often proves less than simple to carry out on your own. Managing and entering the payroll data, as well as staying up-to-date and complying with all applicable tax laws can become complex and ultimately overwhelming. This complexity amplifies as the number of your employees goes up, and fines for missteps can be expensive. Failure to pay these fines and file penalties can reach astronomical levels, causing unnecessary headaches.

This is where LCAF Payroll Services comes in. If you want to avoid these complications that can arise from an in-house payroll system, LCAF’s Full-Service Payroll oversees every facet of your payroll to ensure you never have to deal with the results of payroll mishaps.

Here’s how our Full-Service Payroll can help you:

  • Due to our up-to-date knowledge of tax compliance laws, you never need to worry about failures to comply.
  • With our efficient and accurate payroll processing, we prevent all penalties resulting in failure to pay and file.
  • We save you time and money by eliminating the need for expensive payroll software and the employee hours required to use it. 
  • We provide a trusted resource in the business community whom you can contact regarding all your payroll related concerns.
  • Our team offers quick and personal customer service, with no long waits on the phones to speak to us.

At LCAF Payroll Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to help your business run smoother by saving you time and expenses that in-house payrolls often generate. With our Full-Service Payroll, we take care of all the details, so you can focus on running your business. In addition, we provide tailored quotes for each business, so contact us today to find out how much you can be saving.