LCAF Payroll: What to Know About Checks & Deposits

Whether you handle payroll in-house or you outsource your services, providing employees with their earnings in a timely, accurate fashion is of the utmost importance. That’s why understanding checks and deposits are so essential. At LCAF Payroll, we take this burden off your shoulders. All you have to worry about is ensuring that your cash needs for covering payroll are met.

Want to know more about how we provide accurate and timely payroll distribution? Read about our services below:

1. New Day Funding and Direct Deposit

LCAF Payroll offers two-day funding through a direct deposit standard with our services. We also offer one-day funding for a small surcharge.

2. Re-printed Documents

We keep copies of all paychecks, stubs, and payrolls. Should any checks require reprinting, we are able to do so.

3. Employee Pick-Ups

Want to pick up your documents? Your company can schedule a pick-up with us. Simply tell us who will pick up the checks and make sure that the employee brings his or her government ID.

4. Termination Checks
LCAF can provide termination checks as well. We’ve made the process fast and simple: one phone call and a few minutes of your time, as opposed to the lengthy processes most other payroll companies require.

Checks and Deposits Made Easy

At LCAF Payroll, we simplify checks and deposits. We handle all the paperwork when you bring on new employees, ensuring that our streamlined payroll, check distribution, and direct deposit services go into effect.

  • For checks: You may report payroll the day before or even the day of the check date. We then process the payroll, cut the checks, and make them available for pick up. This offers a stark contrast to our competitors, who typically need payroll data days in advance before they can process and cut checks.
  • For direct deposit: We require a bit more time to process direct deposits, though we are still quicker than our competitors. You may submit payroll data at least two days in advance of the check date and we will ensure direct deposit clearance on payday. If payroll data arrives late, we provide one-day funding for a fee of $50.

Payroll Done Right

At LCAF Payroll, we pride ourselves on offering the most streamlined and efficient payroll services available. Faster than our competitors, we get the details right. Every time, on time. Contact us today to discuss services and pricing.