4 Absolute Truths About Hiring a Payroll Company

At LCAF Payroll, we pride ourselves on providing quality payroll services that deliver. We are here to make the payroll process a breeze for our clients by offering a variety of self- and full-service payroll options.

Over the years, our team has, of course, heard several reasons as to why companies have avoided working with a full-service payroll company like ours. Some are under the impression that the services we provide cost too much, while others think it would be faster to do it themselves.

In reality, working with a payroll company like LCAF Payroll provides lots of benefits to you and your business, all geared towards keeping your business compliant and saving you time. That’s why we’ve collected these four truths about hiring a payroll company we believe will prove how beneficial LCAF Payroll can be for your company.

1. TRUTH: Outsourcing Payroll Saves You Time. Updating payroll software with current holding tax rates, acquiring the proper tax forms throughout the year, scheduling payroll tax due dates, and processing the payroll are all cumbersome, time-consuming tasks. Taken all together, the employee hours required to carry these tasks out can be enormous, especially when hours are lost troubleshooting problems that arise along the way. With LCAF Payroll handling your payroll needs, our experts can give your business back these hours, which we know are better spent focusing on the business’s core goals.

2. TRUTH: We Increase Compliance with Tax Law and Form Filings. It’s not uncommon for business owners to be unaware of current payroll regulations. At the very least, this can lead to headaches for companies that have gone afoul of the rules, but it can also result in costly fines. At LCAF Payroll, we notify our clients of all compliance measures and ensure that all payroll filings comply with those measures. We also make sure that all tax returns and payroll tax deposits are filed and paid on time.

3. TRUTH: We Can Reduce Labor Costs. Clerical errors that result in paying employees late or incorrectly can prove costly. With to-the-minute clock-in and clock out features included with our many time & attendance options, we make sure you pay your employees exactly what they earn—no more and no less.

 4. TRUTH: We Can Maximize Profitability. When your payroll needs are being addressed by a payroll company, you and your employees are freed up to focus on bigger fish: profits and expansion, new ideas and investments. LCAF Payroll can help your business maximize profits by taking your mind off payroll and the hassles that arise from it.

Handling your business’s payroll needs on your own makes sense in theory, but it rarely works out. Over the long run, hiring LCAF Payroll will save your business time and money that you can reinvest in the business itself. Contact us today with any questions or to get started with our payroll services. We’re here to help!