LCAF Payroll’s Software and Technology: A Look Inside Our Systems

If you’re looking for a unique payroll solution customized to your business’s precise needs, then you’ve come to the right place. LCAF Payroll offers expert payroll services for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. By powering our systems with best-in-class technologies, providing a user-friendly front end software experience, and offering affordable packages catered to your business, LCAF Payroll stands as one of the most payroll firms available.

So how do we do what we do? We’re happy to share a little insight into how our payroll software and technology works to fulfill your payroll needs.

Our Software
At LCAF Payroll, we use our own in-house software solution, which allows us to offer a highly customizable front-end experience for our clients. We’ve integrated a user-friendly frontend by incorporating useful features for a more streamlined experience. In addition, our software provides branding options for CPA firms, allowing clients to experience the interface as part of their own company.

Self-Service Payroll Technology
Our self-service payroll option is perfect for small businesses who feel that processing payroll on their own is manageable. While many payroll companies offer self-service payroll, nobody offers it like LCAF Payroll. With our self-service technology, you’ll have access to our Internet-based platform which we provide updated information regarding laws, tax rates, and more. You can input hours, update and print checks, choose the appropriate tax options, and file tax returns. And when problems or questions arise, our payroll experts are available for troubleshooting.

Full-Service Payroll Technology
So, your business has grown: First, you had five employees, then ten, now fifty. You’re wearing multiple hats running things, and while handling payroll proved to be manageable once, it has become much more difficult to stay on top of it all. You’re ready to hand the whole thing off to someone who can better manage it.

This is where LCAF Payroll steps in with our full-service payroll package. Simply put, with full-service, all you need to do is report your employee hours to us and we take care of everything else: answering questions in a timely fashion, scheduling important payroll events and dates, processing and mailing checks, pulling reports, and filing tax returns. Furthermore, we handle all tax-compliance matters, verify correct payments to employees, and quickly remedy any errors related to incorrect reporting on a daily basis. With full-service, you also have a login that grants you access to reference all documents and payroll processes. And remember, our staff is always happy to walk you through the data.

Our Partnerships
Aside from our proprietary software, we also partner with industry-leading vendors to provide additional functionality to our clients. For instance, apps like Google Calendars integrate perfectly with our software. We have developed close relationships with several vendors, which allows us to communicate our clients’ needs and provide the best integrative experience possible.

If you’d like to get started with one of our packages or want to learn more about how LCAF Payroll can increase your business’ efficiency, contact us today!