Picking Up & Processing Payroll: What You Need to Know

Payday – it’s always a good day for your employees. Money in hand means bills can be paid, groceries purchased, school supplies brought home for the kids, and maybe even a little extra left over for dining out. But let’s be honest: payday is only payday if the checks arrive on time and are made in the correct amount. At LCAF Payroll, we know you care about getting payday right just as much as your employees do, so we’re here to make that happen.

As a new or prospective client working with LCAF Payroll, it’s helpful to understand how payroll processing and pickup works. The following covers all the ins and outs you’ll need to know:

  • Payroll delivery: We can deliver your payroll via fax, e-mail, courier, or standard mail. You can also print payroll checks from our online platform using blank check stock.
  • Same- and next-day processing: We offer both! Many of our customers enjoy the flexibility of same-day service, while those who participate in our direct deposit services can enjoy next-day and two-day funding.
  • In-office payroll pick-up: All clients are welcome to pick up payroll at our office. Doing so saves money on courier fees and offers clients the opportunity to get to know our staff.
  • Pay codes and states: Yes, we can process payroll with multiple pay codes. We can also process payroll in all fifty states.
  • Pick-up and processing regulations: When picking up payroll at our office, you must 1) have a valid ID, 2) be on our account as an authorized contact, and 3) sign to receive the payroll. Here are a few other policies and regulations to keep in mind:
    • We encrypt all emailed payrolls. You can decrypt these emails with the client code pin we assign you the day you establish service with LCAF.
    • All couriered payrolls are assigned a tracking number. A signature is required to receive the package unless otherwise requested.
    • Mailed payrolls typically only consist of payroll reports of direct deposit participators. This is a result of U.S. Mail’s service being less timely than courier service.
    • Clients who request faxed payroll must issue a check from their private register. However, we do fax checks to customers, often in termination situations and other situations in which employers are eager to process payroll quickly.

In the life of your employees, payday is arguably the most important time of the month. It’s so important, in fact, that you don’t want to risk getting it wrong. Hiring LCAF Payroll to manage your payroll needs is the first step to ensuring that there are no hiccups in your payroll process. To learn more about LCAF Payroll’s top-notch services, contact us today!