Let LCAF Payroll Handle Your Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes can be a certifiable nightmare for many business owners, which make hiring a professional company to deal with the mess of state and federal laws a must. The time saved alone is worth having us take care of your payroll tax filing needs.

LCAF Payroll Services offers three levels of service:

  1. Tax management and processing: This includes electronic payment processing of all liabilities, preparation of quarterly or annual reporting and the timely filing of all payroll tax payments and returns. LCAF handles it from start to finish.
  2. Signature-ready tax services: LCAF mails signature-ready tax checks to you each payroll period, providing you the flexibility to manage your own tax deposits. Additionally, tax returns are mailed to you for final signature.
  3. Client-managed taxes: Each payroll period, LCAF will create tax liability reports. From which you can create your own liability checks to mail to the proper agency. You’ll also be able to create and process payroll tax returns when needed.

Payroll tax deposit and filing is a huge headache, but we at LCAF work diligently to make it quick, easy and mostly effortless to get done efficiently and accurately.

Does your small business need a reliable payroll company in the Sacramento, CA area? Contact us today to learn more about our professional payroll tax service.