Three Ways To Handle Your Human Resource Needs

LCAF Payroll Services provides a comprehensive HR Support Center that allows small businesses to complete outsource their HR department. We have experienced and certified HR professionals to work with you to address your specific questions and needs for your business.

We provide three simple ways to cover your HR needs.

1. Get Our 30-Minute HR Audit

To help determine your level of compliance with state and federal HR requirements we have developed a brief and complimentary 10 questions HR audit. Simply click this link to begin the LCAF Payroll audit. An e-mail will be sent to you shortly after completion with your results determining your level of compliance with current HR requirements.

2. Utilize Our HR Self-Service

LCAF provides a comprehensive suite of HR-related products and services. The tools will provide you with a wide array of must-have Human Resource compliance information, which include:

  • Employee Handbook: Customizable version of Employee handbook available in English and Spanish.
  • HR Forms: Library of business, state and federal forms.
  • Job Descriptions: Catalog to help hire and organize employees.
  • Policy Library: Library of standard business policies.
  • State and Federal Laws: Written in easy to understand terms.
  • HR Checklists: Checklists to help organize business tasks.
  • eAlerts: Instant notification for important law updates.

3. Upgrade To Outsource Your HR Department

Sign-up for our HR On-Demand Program to reach out for help any time your company needs it. You will get unlimited consultations with HR professionals and get answers to your employment law compliance and employee relationship questions, customization of employee handbooks, job descriptions, forms, letters, and more!

Our experienced HR Professionals then work with you to address your business specific questions and needs, including:

  • Ask the Pro: Address your situational questions about workplace compliane and employee issues, and receive a response within one business day.
  • Document Customization: Our HR Pros will create and / or customize your HR documents, and review for potential compliance concerns.
  • Employee Handbook Development: Schedule a consultation with an HR Pro to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan for implementation.

Contact our team today for a free, no hassle quote on our various HR Support Services.